When you shop for a rebounder trampoline, you'll see models in all sorts of different sizes. Many people favor rebounders with a small diameter, as they don't occupy much space during use and are easy to store in the home. While this idea might appeal to you, you may wish to also consider the merits of a wider-diameter rebounder. This type of product is significantly larger than many of its counterparts and provided that you have a convenient space in your home to store this device when you're not using it, it can be a good option. Here are three benefits of a wider-diameter rebounder.

More Room To Move 

When you have a small rebounder, you need to be very aware of the position of your feet. It's important that your feet don't come into contact with the frame of the rebounder, as this will inhibit your ability to bounce. Some people want to feel freer when they work out, particularly if they enjoy performing various dance moves while bouncing. A wider-diameter rebounder gives you significantly more space beneath your feet, making it easy to remain on the bouncing surface even when you move small distances in any direction.

Fun For Your Kids

While a rebounder is a legitimate piece of fitness equipment, your children will likely see it as a source of recreation. There's no doubt that your kids will be eager to try this device, and having a wider-diameter rebounder will come in handy. Two children can easily bounce on this type of product. Not only will it be able to handle their combined weight capacity, but its surface will also provide plenty of room for them both to bounce at the same time. With a conventional rebounder, you'd need to have your kids take turns, which could potentially create arguments.

Better For Physical Limitations

Some people have various physical limitations that make certain movements on a rebounder challenging. For example, you might find that you struggle to bounce up and down because of joint issues. With a larger bouncing surface, you'll be able to change how you bounce. For example, you can try bouncing from side to side. Changing your bouncing mechanics allows you to experiment until you find something that works for your physical limitations, allowing you to continue this type of workout without difficulty. Keep the topic of diameter in mind when you shop for a rebounder for your bouncing workouts.