Being tied to a gym contract that encompasses all 12 months of the year may make a gym member feel obligated to get their money's worth. If you want to start a new fitness program but don't want to be forced to sign a lengthy contract, seek short contract memberships and no contract memberships that are offered at gyms in your area.

Short Contracts

A month-to-month gym membership is essentially a membership, but is much shorter in length than what some gym contracts require. This type of membership provides a member with full access to the gym of their choice. An individual may sign up for a monthly membership that is geared toward a particular class or activity.

In most cases, a member can participate in the class or activity, but will also be able to utilize the fitness equipment that is onsite. One of the best perks associated with a month-to-month membership is that no long term commitment is needed. If a gym member decides that visiting a particular gym is not for them, they can simply choose not to renew their membership the following month.

Pay As You Go

A pay as you go gym membership is a membership that is based upon the actual amount of visits that a client makes to a gym. Each visit, a client will need to pay a set rate. This rate could be for an entire day or could be based upon the amount of time that is actually spent inside of a gym.

With this type of membership, there is no commitment on the gym member's part. An individual may want to try out a new gym, but be uncertain if they will enjoy spending time within the facility. By choosing a pay as you go method, an individual can test out the gym and not feel pressured to return in the future.

Access At Multiple Gyms

Many gyms, including those that require 12 month contracts, may offer some perks. Some gyms feature many branches that are located nationwide. If a gym member takes advantage of this type of benefit, they can visit a gym in their hometown and visit some other branches in other towns that they travel to. If someone is going to be going on a vacation, they will not need to worry about their fitness routine being disrupted, as long as the gym that they are a member of has a branch located in the town that they are traveling to.

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