A set of weights can be instrumental in allowing you to build a strong and healthy physique without leaving your house. Dumbbells, in particular, are available in a wide range of weights and designs and can be the central element of a home-based weight-training workout. If you're shopping for this type of fitness equipment, you'll likely see a variety of types of weights. One type that will catch your eye is those that are dipped in different colors of neoprene. Here are some benefits of using neoprene weights.

Easy Weight Recognition

If you buy a full set of weights, you'll have a large selection of dumbbells in different sizes. For example, you might have a 1-pound, a 2-pound, a 5-pound, a 10-pound, and so on. Although heavier weights are obviously larger than their lighter counterparts, it can sometimes be difficult to quickly identify the size of weight than you want when all of the weights have the same appearance. With neoprene weights, each weight is a different color, which can make recognition quick and easy. For example, if you know that you always begin your workout with 5-pound weights that are yellow, you can simply reach for the yellow weights instead of carefully looking at the weights to ensure that you pick up the right ones.

Less Risk Of Damage

It's customary to store your weights side by side in a rack or neatly on the floor next to one another. A big advantage of neoprene weights is that when you accidentally bump one weight into another, they won't chip. The neoprene provides a protective layer that will lessen the risk of any weight getting damaged. An added benefit of the neoprene coating is that when you bump two weights together, the sound is minimal. With other types of weights, this contact can result in a loud "clinking" sound.

Comfortable Grip

Many fitness enthusiasts choose neoprene weights because they appreciate the comfort of gripping this type of weight. The neoprene coating has a slightly softer feel than steel or cast iron weights, which can be more comfortable on your skin. Additionally, if you sweat a lot while you work out, you may find that the neoprene surface offers more grip when it's wet than another type of weight. This can reduce the risk of one of the weights slipping out of your hand during your workout and possibly falling onto your foot.

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