Yoga is a form of exercise that's good for your body and mind. It's an ancient practice that originated in India, and yoga traditionally incorporates aspects of meditation and mindfulness in addition to physical movements. Many people who try yoga for the first time discover that it helps them feel and look better. If you've recently tried yoga and you'd like to further incorporate it into your daily life, here are three things you can do.

Practice yoga throughout the day.

Many people have busy lives where they don't always have the time to dedicate an hour or more to yoga. You don't need to take a lot of time to reap the benefits of a yoga practice. Any amount of yoga is helpful for your body and mind. Try to find small pockets of time where you can do some basic stretches. Even a ten minute break at work is a good time to stand up and stretch your body. It can keep you from becoming stiff, improve your posture, and keep pain at bay.

Keep attending classes.

It's good to have a private yoga practice where you do yoga in your own house. That can keep you limber, flexible, and well conditioned. However, it's equally important that you keep attending yoga classes. Yoga classes give you the benefit of an experienced teacher to watch your practice. Teachers may suggest adjustments to correct your positioning in certain poses. This will enhance your understanding of yoga, and it can also keep you from injuring yourself. Learning yoga is a lifelong process that never ends.

Become a yoga teacher.

People who are particularly passionate about yoga may want to make it an even bigger part of their lives. Becoming a yoga teacher is one way you can accomplish this. In order to become a yoga teacher, you'll need to have the right training. Certified yoga teachers must complete a requisite number of hours of a training program. If you're busy, you may not have time to attend class on a regular basis. Fortunately, online yoga teacher certification is an option. An online class should teach you the history and meaning of yoga, in addition to practical knowledge of the human body. You'll also learn some Sanskrit to help you understand the names of various yoga poses. At the end of your online yoga teacher course, you will be eligible for certification.