Group exercise classes can help you solve a variety of fitness conundrums. Whether you need guidance concerning your workouts, want additional motivation, or are searching for opportunities to socialize with other individuals trying to improve their fitness, group exercise classes will assist you with accomplishing all of these goals. To get the most from your class, here are a few things you should do beforehand:

1. Consult Your Instructor with Questions About Your Form or Equipment Setup

Your class instructor is a great resource if you have questions about your form or how to properly set up your equipment. Even if you believe your form is correct, it never hurts to have a second set of eyes double-check it for you. Properly completing the moves helps you get the best workout possible and decreases your chance of injury.

Some classes require the use of equipment, such as group weightlifting sessions and spin classes. You'll want to address any concerns you have about setting up the equipment or which pieces you should use. For example, if you take spin classes, your instructor can assist with adjusting your bike seat and handlebars to the appropriate heights. 

2. See If You Need to Register for the Class

Check with your gym for its rules concerning attendance at group exercise classes. Some may require you to register for the class ahead of time, especially if space or equipment is limited. Make sure you understand when the registration period begins and ends. You should also inquire about any penalties for missing the class or arriving late.

3. Gather Your Equipment

Most exercise classes have everything you need, but there are a few items you might want to bring for a more comfortable workout. It's always a good idea to bring a bottle of water so that you remain hydrated during your workout.

If you find that you sweat a lot, consider bringing a sweat towel with you so that you aren't irritated by sweat dripping during your eyes, or worried about creating sweat puddles on the floor. Wrist bands and head bands that absorb sweat are another option.

You may like to monitor your heart rate during your exercise session. If so, bring your heart rate monitor or fitness tracker to your group exercise session. Some group classes even have technology that permits you to view your heart rate and rate of exertion on a large screen in the workout area. This enables you to monitor your stats without having to constantly check an app or your fitness tracker.