If you're passionate about yoga and want to make a career out of teaching, your first step is to find a reputable training program that offers 200 hours of classroom experience. By the end of the course, you'll ideally have a comprehensive grasp of yoga and, while you'll likely continue learning in the months and years ahead, you'll have a foundation for beginning to teach. If you want to be busy as a yoga teacher, you'll want to be able to offer classes that cater to as many different groups as possible — and you'll want your training to prepare you in this manner. Here are some topics that you'll want to be sure are covered in your training.

Yoga For Seniors

Senior citizens who are interested in the many health benefits of yoga likely won't approach this activity in the same manner as those who are younger. Seniors are often less flexible than younger yoga practitioners, which means that a standard class may exclude any seniors in it. You can benefit from devising classes that cater to seniors, and perhaps even working out deals to offer them in retirement homes or other locations that are easily accessible to seniors. One popular variation of yoga for seniors in chair yoga, which makes many poses possible for those who may have trouble sitting on the floor.

Yoga For Pregnant Women

Many women rely on yoga while they're pregnant, as this exercise helps them to stay limber, and is safer than several other types of exercise that they may have enjoyed before becoming pregnant. You want to ensure that your training program includes lessons on how to approach yoga for those who are pregnant. These women won't be able to perform many of the same poses that other women perform — especially those that involve a lot of bending forward, for example. The more you learn about this type of yoga, the better classes you'll be able to offer.

Yoga For Athletes

Lots of athletes use yoga to improve core strength, build balance, and enhance flexibility — and if you can devise a comprehensive yoga program aimed at athletes, there's a good chance that you'll stay busy and find your business to be lucrative. Choose a teacher training program with a curriculum that spends time on yoga for athletes. For example, young athletes such as high school and college athletes may want an up-tempo yoga class that keeps their heart rate elevated to burn lots of calories as they perform the poses.

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