Even if the dates your app sends you on don't result in true love, each experience should be an enjoyable one that doesn't result in regrets. To ensure that your dating app provides you with awesome experiences and enjoyable memories, it should offer the following features:

Activity-Based Connections

An important feature that you dating app should offer is activity-based connection options so you can be sure that you'll be spending time doing something you love while getting to know someone new. If your date consists of activities you enjoy doing in your everyday life, you're sure to have a good time whether you make a love connection, a friend, or an enemy on your outing.

The dating app you use should allow you to specify what types of activities you like to do so you can automatically be connected with like-minded potential partners. It should also allow you to seek and schedule dates based on activity type and level. And a function should be available that makes it easy to find dates based on activities you both already engaged in and those you've never done but are interested in trying.

Customizable Privacy Options

Even if the dating app you like to use is of the highest quality, it's inevitable that you'll come across people who you want to avoid after your initial contact for one reason or another. Because of this, the app should offer customizable privacy options that make it easy to choose who can and can't keep track of your profile. You should also be able to block users you don't want to talk to so they can't contact you at all. And, there should be a way to make your real identity anonymous to other users until you feel comfortable enough to invite them to access your private information.

Video Communication Options

While not absolutely necessary to ensure a fun and successful date, video communication features make it easier to get to know other users before accepting a date in-person. Being able to meet with potential dates face-to-face through video, even if you're simply sending video messages back and forth to one another, will give you an opportunity to gain insight into their personality, their mannerisms, and how they conduct themselves overall before deciding whether or not you want to actually try dating them.

With these features by your side, every date that is scheduled through your dating app should be one to fondly remember.